Just acquire a company? Here are 5 IT considerations post-acquisition

IT strategy post-acquisition of company
Did you just acquire a company? Here are some IT considerations to keep in mind when integrating the new company's IT.

Did your company just acquire another company?


Now what? ;-)

Well when it comes to IT strategy & addressing the technology issues between your 2 companies the work has only just begun.

In order to maximize the return on your acquisition investment, as the acquiring company, it is important to assess the following five key IT considerations post-acquisition:

1. Integration of Infrastructure:
Evaluate the IT infrastructure of the acquired company and devise a plan for integrating it with your existing infrastructure. This IT evaluation includes items from an IT assessment checklist including analyzing IT compatibility, scalability, and opportunities for software consolidation to optimize resources.


2. Data Consolidation and Migration:
Develop a comprehensive strategy for consolidating and migrating data from the acquired company’s systems to yours.

Ensure data integrity, security, and compatibility throughout the process, addressing any data mapping, cleansing, or transformation requirements.

IT consulting post-acquisition
Plugging the new company into your existing IT infrastructure requires a thorough IT assessment and careful planning. Let the IT experts at VTC Tech help you optimize and integrate your new acquisition.

3. Rationalizing the Application Portfolio:
Evaluate the software applications used by both companies and determine the best approach for managing them post-acquisition. Identify any redundant or overlapping applications and plan for integration, retirement, or replacement.

When assessing any change in software, consider user impact, data integration, and licensing implications. This is where the help of an experience IT provider like VTC Tech can help identify opportunies to streamline and optimize IT systems.

4. Aligning Security and Compliance:
Assess the security measures and compliance requirements of the acquired company and establish a unified approach. Evaluate access controls, security policies, and regulatory compliance to ensure a consistent and secure IT environment. Address any gaps or vulnerabilities to mitigate risks.

Keep in mind that depending on the industry of your new acqiusition, you as the acquiring company may now need to follow compliance rules such as HIPAA or CMMC.

5. IT Staffing and Skillset Alignment:
Evaluate the IT workforce of both companies and determine the staffing and skillset requirements for the integrated entity.

Identify redundancies and skill gaps, and develop a comprehensive IT staffing plan. Consider training programs, reassignments, or external hiring or an engagement with a managed service provider like VTC Tech to ensure the right IT expertise is available for a smooth transition.

IT consulting for Mergers & Acquisitions
VTC Tech is a Managed IT provider with 20+ years of experience providing IT consulting for Mergers & Acquisitions.

By focusing on these considerations, you can effectively integrate the acquired company’s IT systems with yours, optimize IT operations, ensure data security, and align IT strategies.

VTC Tech can help you pave the way for a successful IT integration, allowing you yo to leverage tech synergies and achieve the desired business outcomes.

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