5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource IT Support for Businesses


5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource IT Support for Businesses

Most businesses reach the point in their growth trajectory when they need to consider the cost vs. benefit of outsourcing IT. Recognizing the right time is absolutely key to sustaining growth and optimizing technology.

At VTC Tech, we have helped many companies make the transition to managed service plans.

Here are five signs that outsourcing IT operations is the right move, right now.

5 Signs It’s Time to Outsource IT Support for Businesses
Feeling overwhelmed with the technology needs of your company?
Here are signs it is time to outsource your company's IT needs to a reliable managed IT services provider.


#5. Your IT Labor Expenses are Adding Up

In general, IT personnel tend to be highly paid due to the intricacy of their skills. If your business is calling in IT to help with day-to-day operations, cybersecurity, or other technology-related needs, your labor expenses may be skyrocketing. 

If this is the case, outsourcing IT services to a company like VTC Tech can significantly help your business bottom line. Not only will you save money on personnel, but you will free up financial resources in-house that can be used for other allocations. Indeed, you will know what to expect on a monthly basis in terms of associated costs and will not have to worry about an unforeseen computing problem wreaking havoc on your budget. 


#4. You Can’t Find the IT Skill Sets You Need

If you are looking for a specialized IT skillset for any length if time, and you are coming up empty-handed, making the move to outsourced managed IT services can ensure that you have a team of experts ready to step in at a moment’s notice. 

Managed IT support brings the gamut of resources right to your business. It’s streamlined, fast, and won’t break your bank. For a set monthly fee, your contract provides ongoing support and expert troubleshooting to keep the business running smoothly. Remember, like all managed service providers, VTC Tech benefits when you are fully stocked and running at your highest capacity relating to technology, so making the leap to outsourcing now makes a lot of sense. 



#3. Your IT Person is Moving On

Maybe you have a relationship with an in-house or nearby local IT service provider, but they are leaving, retiring, or closing up shop. Rather than hiring a new person who needs onboarding and industry specific training, outsourcing to VTC Tech will get you the results you need faster, and with fewer hiring headaches. 

You won’t need to interview, check references, or provide employee benefits- you will just need to contract with us –  a reputable, highly rated managed service provider who can hit the ground running. 



#2. You Need Quick Response on IT Requests

Having 24/7 access to IT support for businesses is key to running a business today. Interruptions in service, computer glitches and security breaches negatively impact any business. Outsourcing IT gives you instant access to top tier support right at your fingertips. No more extended wait times for business computer support. VTC Tech Support answers in less than 30 seconds, so help is available the moment you need it. 

If your company needs a new program implemented, the experts at VTC Tech can instantly update and make all necessary changes. You won’t have to worry about pausing operations while your network catches up. This saves time, money, and hassle, and is a big reason many businesses decide to outsource. 



#1. You Want to Focus More on Your Business 

A huge motivator to outsourcing IT is the ability to focus more on the lanes of your business that need your attention. Outsourced IT can manage the never-ending concerns of network computing, keep files protected, and perform regulatory compliance. VTC Tech provides industry-leading cyber security and regular updates. Basically, we handle all the IT, so you can get back to where you are needed most- the business. 

With routine and unexpected IT tasks taken off your plate, you are free to focus on things that will grow your business- new product development, ad campaigns, marketing and more. It’s like giving you more hours in your day to focus on business strategy and development knowing that your critical IT infrastructure is well-protected and well-supported.

Say goodbye to in-house trainings on IT issues, and hello to competent, responsive, efficient professionals who know how to manage your technology best. 

Outsourcing IT to VTC Tech is a significant step in business continuity planning, helping you achieve your goals more quickly and easily. 


What Are the Options in IT Support for Businesses?

While some businesses choose a break-fix model of support, others subscribe to the managed IT support model which provides complete and thorough technology services for a fixed monthly fee. The break-fix model is often better suited to small businesses who don’t rely heavily on IT and frankly, there are few of them around today. 

When your company chooses VTC Tech for IT, you can count on reliable support and first-rate services. You will have 24/7 access to a helpdesk, routine monitoring of systems, premier upgrades, and quick service any time you need it.

VTC Tech strives to keep your system consistently in full operational mode with strong protection and support, 100% of the time. Because of this, we do everything we can to routinely maintain your service and keep it flowing trouble-free. Outsourcing takes business IT worries away and frees up time and resources to do great things for your business. It’s a win/win all around. 

VTC Tech – Premier Managed IT Services Customized for Your Business

VTC Tech is an industry leading managed IT support company offering flexible and comprehensive business solutions including full-service IT outsourcing, 24/7 business computer support, cybersecurity services, backups and disaster recovery and business continuity planning. Our focus is building and supporting your highest-level technology functioning. 

We recommend best-practice systems and support them with fast, efficient customer service 24/7. We are there when you need us. In fact, we are often there before you need us. We proactively monitor your network and protect your data with innovative cybersecurity protections and comprehensive backups. Additionally, we optimize your operating systems and ensure you are consistently up to speed on the latest technology. Faster, better, more reliable – that’s our goal. 

Have a question for us? Reach out. We love questions because we love what we do. At VTC Tech, we partner with you to match your network to your needs, resolving any issues before they impact your business.

If you are considering outsourcing your IT, trust VTC Tech. You’ll never go back. We’re that confident. 

Contact VTC Tech to find out more. 

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