Vermont Connections is your local IT Service Provider based in St. Albans, Vermont.

We opened our doors in 1999 as a computer services company and have been growing ever since. It’s amazing how much the world has changed in less than 20 years. Not only has technology expanded into every aspect of our lives, but it has become the backbone of our businesses. You simply can’t run a profitable business in today’s world without a reliable network to support it.

David Mahoney,

What sets us apart from other IT service providers?

We’re community-centered and relationship-driven. For us, that means we’re an integral part of the growth of our clients businesses over time, which we find deeply satisfying. For you, that means we put your needs before our bottom line. We’re more interested in a long-term solution than a short-term fix, because just like you, we want to see Vermont businesses thrive.

As a local Vermont business, we’re able to offer a level of personalized service you won’t find with other IT service providers. In other words, we just might show up. If you’re concerned about network security, for example, we provide on-site vulnerability testing and security recommendations based upon our findings. And if you’re experiencing network issues, we’ll invite you to come in and use our new business center while we resolve the issue.

Our Beginnings

David Mahoney a natural native of St. Albans began exploring the idea of starting a computer services company in 1998. That dream was realized later when he opened doors to his first location at 236 Main Street in St. Albans. The love of technology and the desire to help solve problems for people using their technology were the reasons for opening his doors and taking on clients.

Where We Are Now

The business has changed over the years from the humble beginnings of doing website design and home computer repair to offering expanded services to businesses. The company began seeing more success and moved forward with contracting services.

Today Vermont Connections is a full service MSP and from a recent IT website comparison, offers more services and products than anyone else in the state.

Where We’re Going

Vermont Connections continues to grow. In 2014 the company moved to a new larger location in the Champlain Commons of St. Albans. This office houses the newly formed sales and marketing office, geared toward supporting future endeavors of the company. Inviting customers to visit and learn about technology is a top priority for Vermont Connections.

President David Mahoney envisions Vermont Connections being the #1 IT Service Company in Vermont and soon New England.


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