replacing business computers

Creating a Replacement Plan for Your Business Computers

  How old are the machines in your office?   If you aren’t planning a retirement party for each of them, you may be in for rude awakening.   Most business machines have five years of good life in them, and businesses that aren’t actively monitoring their lifecycle are apt to run into problems. This … Continue reading “Creating a Replacement Plan for Your Business Computers”

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Upgrade Your Business to Windows 10 & Server 2016 Now…Or Else

If your business has hardware running Server 2008 or Windows 7, we have some bad news.   Both are going expire in early 2020. That might not sound like a big deal. Some of you have a few old computers in the office, and even though they run a little slow, they get the job … Continue reading “Upgrade Your Business to Windows 10 & Server 2016 Now…Or Else”

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what does an information technology assessment cost?

What Does an IT Assessment Cost?

  Have you ever had a peek at what’s “under the hood” with your business technology?   Whether you are running five computers or five thousand, you would be surprised at the vulnerabilities and opportunities waiting to be addressed.   These needs are often critical. Most companies we assess are a high-risk for cyber-attacks, data … Continue reading “What Does an IT Assessment Cost?”

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How to Identify a Phishing Attack


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