Business Continuity Services

Although you can’t prevent disasters from happening, you can minimize its impact on your business by putting the technology and plans in place in case disaster strikes.

Align IT with Your Business Goals

Align your IT strategy and business objectives with advice from the experts at VTC TECH.

Why choose VTC Tech for your IT support needs?

You will have a team of experts in backup and disaster recovery, assessing your system’s vulnerabilities where there exists the highest level of risk allowing us to design a customized strategy and implementation to reduce downtime for your business.

Having procedures in place for any circumstance is critical for an organization to run smoothly. We’ll create standard operating procedures (SOP) for your business.

Your business will be prepared, protected, responsive, and can recover no matter what cataclysmic event your organization endures.

Protect Your Business

Let our team of experts create a business continuity plan specific to your business to minimize your loss in the event of a disaster.

What's the Real Cost of Downtime?

Infrastructure matters. When your network or applications unexpectedly fail or crash, downtime can have a direct impact on your bottom line and ongoing business operations.

IT Downtime Factors

The industry average cost of downtime is dependent on a lot of variables. The monetary losses vary when you consider your revenue, industry, the actual duration of the outage, the number of people impacted, the time of day, etc.

For example, losses are significantly higher per hour for businesses who are based on high-level data transactions, like banks and online retail sales.

If you experience an unplanned outage during peak traffic time, obviously the damage will be more significant.

Additional Cost of IT Downtime

But there are other costs that don’t often show up in dollar form. Did you know, according to a study by UC Irvine, it often takes an average of 23 minutes to refocus and get your head back in the game after an interruption?

IT downtime affects customer retention, employee productivity and reputation in the marketplace. It is extremely expensive, and in ways that can make or break the success of your organization.

Protect Your Business

Let our team of experts create a business continuity plan specific to your business to minimize your loss in the event of a disaster.

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