How do you accurately calculate IT service pricing?

How to calculate II service pricing
Calculating IT service pricing takes into account the scope of services, business size, service level agreements and required customizations.

Are you wondering how much your company should pay to outsource IT to a Managed Service Provider?

Calculating IT service pricing for your business can either be very simple or can get complicated depending on your company’s unique technology needs.

Information technology solutions (IT solutions) have advanced over the years but there are still 4 key factors that affect the outsourced IT service pricing you may receive from a managed service provider like VTC Tech.

4 factors that affect IT service pricing:

1. Scope of Services:
The scope of services offered by a managed IT services provider can greatly affect IT services pricing.

For example, if the IT provider offers a wide range of services such as cybersecurity, data backup, hardware and software maintenance, cloud software and 24/7 help desk support, then the service pricing will likely be higher than a provider that only offers basic services. The more comprehensive the services, the higher the cost is likely to be. Contact VTC Tech to have a free discussion about the type of IT services we recommend for your business.

It service pricing for businesses of all sizes

2. Business Size:
The size of your business (number of devices, users & data) can also impact IT pricing.

Smaller businesses may have fewer devices, users, and data to manage, which can result in lower pricing. Larger businesses of 50 to 100 users that VTC Tech specializes in may require more resources, such as additional staff or hardware, but can also benefit from economies of scale, which can lead to different pricing.

3. Service Level Agreements (SLAs):
A managed services provider (MSP) often offers different SLAs with varying levels of support and response times.

For example, a MSP that offers a 4-hour response time for critical issues will typically cost more than a provider that only offers an 8-hour response time. Does your company need 24/7 IT support or just during office hours? The level of SLA that your business requires can influence the pricing of managed IT services.

IT services pricing

4. IT Customization:
Some businesses may require customized IT solutions that are tailored to their unique needs.

Whether to meet HIPAA compliance in the healthcare industry or  protect your engineering software from cyberthreats, customization can involve additional work and resources for the managed IT services provider, which can result in higher pricing. 

Get IT servicing pricing from VTC Tech
VTC Tech is a managed services provider specializing in serving companies with 50-100 users.

Are you looking for IT service pricing? Fill in our popular IT services pricing calculator or give us a call nationwide at (888) 800-3211.

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