The 8 Most Common IT Problems

Technology issues in business are impactful to consumer trust and can stifle growth.

In our society where speed, delivery and depth of service are “make it or break it” difference makers in business, it is clear that businesses face unprecedented challenges. Even the smallest problems with IT can manifest into a business’s worst enemy. 

To help ensure your technology remains a beneficial ally, our article covers common IT problems that businesses often face and how to quickly resolve all IT problems.

1. Obsolete Network Technology and Cybersecurity

Outdated technology and cybersecurity pose major threats to businesses small and large. 

With the average cost of data breaches in business rising from $5.5 million in 2012 to $8.64 million in 2020, the need to deploy best-in-class technology with the strongest cybersecurity measures is paramount. 

By upgrading your IT systems, you can: 

  • Lower overall security risk by better protecting sensitive data against cyber attacks
  • Improve slow performance by improving business process efficiencies
  • Experience fewer problems with IT in the future
  • Simplify database and network management

2. Issues Deploying New Technology

One of the most common IT problems in business is trying to integrate new technology (hardware or software) into an existing network that’s outdated or incompatible. Simply trying to install new or updated software bits to outdated systems can result in costly IT problems, like a system crash. 

3. Challenges with Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

From accidentally deleting a file to the notorious blue screen of death, a disaster recovery plan is vital for organizations proactively seeking to maximize business continuity. Without the right support services available, organizations can suffer immensely. 

However, there’s more than just picking a “good-looking” disaster recovery package. For instance, your business model, industry and size all play a key role in determining the disaster recovery plan that’s optimal for your business. 

It’s for that reason why many businesses often hire an MSP to suggest and deploy the best cybersecurity and backup measures.

This quick article can help overhaul your technology and your business

4. Poor Network Maintenance and Prevention Routine

Getting ahead of IT management means implementing the best technology and processes required to streamline network health and improve business efficiency. Unfortunately, this is where most businesses fail. 

Sometimes it’s a result of using outdated technology but oftentimes it comes down to poor network maintenance routines. 

Fortunately for you, with a leading managed service provider (MSP), network maintenance can become routinely automated giving you more time and resources to allocate to your business. 

To help ensure your business doesn’t suffer from network crashes, it’s vital to perform network maintenance routinely with prevention measures.

5. Missing Qualified Industry Experience

Many businesses benefit from experienced in-house IT personnel but the complexity and vastness of information technologies make it impossible for tackling all IT problems. 

That’s why many businesses hire an MSP, because: 

  • Knowledge and skill gaps are overcome
  • Industry-specific or qualified skills are easily accessible
  • In-house staff can be freed up to take on new tasks
IT Problems

6. Compliance and Technology Issues in Business

To help safeguard consumers’ sensitive data and data integrity, data compliance standards are present at state, federal and international levels. 

For many, achieving regulatory compliance is a common IT problem faced by organizations worldwide. As more businesses virtualize their technologies and transition to cloud computing following COVID-19, the challenges involved with remaining compliant are rigorous yet essential. 

Take for instance how annual healthcare data breaches have more than tripled from 199 data breaches in 2010 to 642 data breaches in 2020. While failure to remain compliant can result in exorbitant compliance fines, ensuring that your business isn’t a victim of a data breach is more prudent. 

One way organizations ensure they achieve and maintain compliance is by hiring an MSP with industry-specific experience. 

7. Inexperienced Support Team and Insufficient Know-How

Small businesses are susceptible to technology issues in business because oftentimes they cannot afford to hire a team of experienced IT professionals. 

With an absence of experience comes a lack of know-how. Meaning, it’s quite easy for data integrity to become compromised by something as meagre as too many employees having access to sensitive data. 

To bridge experience deficits, an experienced MSP with industry specializations can help provide the guidance your in-house staff needs all for a fraction of the cost.

8. Lacking a Fully Developed IT Plan and IT Leadership

Sometimes business and IT leaders aren’t always on the same page. 

When this occurs, it becomes easy for networks and IT processes not to align and support business goals. 

Instead of optimizing your business, this miscommunication turns into:

  • Lost opportunities
  • More process inefficiencies
  • A higher risk of network liabilities

Overcome Common Technology Problems with an MSP

To maximize the most out of your business, you need to harness the best technology.

That’s why regardless of the goals or the challenges ahead of you, VTC Tech is here to lead. With 24/7 system monitoring and support services, no IT problem is too complex for us. With our real-time disaster recovery, business continuity and top-notch cybersecurity are ensured.

Best of all, our affordable managed IT service packages start for a fraction of a full-time tech.

Never face another IT problem again by speaking with one of our specialists today.

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