Frequently Asked Questions about Managed IT Services

Frequently Asked Questions

VTC TECH has over 20 years experience providing expert IT support helping hundreds of businesses. We are committed to providing the latest technology consulting, services, maintenance, and support as a highly cost-effective IT solution. VTC TECH provides the following key outcomes for all our partners.

  • True IT Partner – We keep your technology aligned with your business goals and objectives. We work on your behalf with vendors and employees. We are transparent and ensure your IT investments are proper and understand mutual success is about long-term sustainability. We are your IT department.
  • Increased Reliability – Your systems will be up today and running smoothly – this reduces costs and your increases your ROI. We are available 24/7/365 to resolve any problems or issues.
  • Employee Morale – We can take care of everything. Nothing hurts your employee morale more than when they have a problem and don’t know who to turn to for help. We are there to support them and therefore your clients.

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) assumes responsibility for your business’s IT services such as email, VoIP/unified communications, help desk, cybersecurity, networking, data storage, cloud solutions, back-up and recovery, and more.

A few ways Managed IT Services provides benefits to businesses and organizations:

  • User Productivity
  • Infrastructure Expenses
  • IT Staff Capacity
  • Low Initial Investment
  • Predictable Monthly Costs
  • Immediate Expert-Level Support
  • Scalable as You Grow
  • Overall Business Production

A Managed Service Provider gives business owners and overwhelmed internal IT staff affordable server and computer support, remote monitoring of critical network components like swithces and firewalls, data backup and disaster recovery, network security, custom software solutions, and technology evaluation and planning.

When engaged with VTC TECH as your managed service provider, you get to choose exactly which services you want managed externally, and which ones you’ll keep working on in-house. We deliver services such as network support, applications, infrastructure and security, email, VoIP/Unified communications, help desk, cybersecurity, data storage, cloud solutions, back-up/recovery, and more.

MSPs often handle the time-consuming, complex, repetitive, and arduous work involved. Outsourcing to a managed service provider is becoming a growing trend in business as more companies begin to realize the benefits of moving many of their day-to-day operations to a third party.

Businesses of all types and sizes use Managed Services for a variety of different reasons. Small to medium size companies use MSPs to provide full IT services so they can focus on their core business and maintain operational cost control. Larger companies may use an MPS to augment the in-house IT staff, having the MSP handle the more day to day tasks freeing up resources to complete more strategic projects. Companies that need 24x7x365 monitoring and alert will engage an MSP for that coverage.

VTC TECH offers Managed Services to a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, health care, municipalities, education, accounting, financial, nonprofit, insurance, legal firms, engineering, architecture, real estate and more. While most of our managed IT clients are in the New England, New York and Florida, VTC Tech has Managed IT customers nationwide.

The large majority of IT issues can be handled remotely, however sometimes there is a need to be on site. When that need arises, VTC TECH dispatches technicians to your site to handle those issues.

You can reach our Help Desk 24/7/365 and receive help from a live technician. The average time to answer support calls is 30 seconds. Response times to specific issues depend on the severity of the issue the client is facing. Our goal is to meet your needs by maximizing uptime and address issues as soon as they occur.

The VTC TECH Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

VTC TECH technicians carry a large variety of industry certifications including from Cisco and Microsoft.  These certifications cover key areas such as Security, Routing, Switching, Active Directory, Exchange, ADFS, Azure and others.

With 20 plus years in business, we have established ourselves as a premier solutions provider. Small enough to care and big enough to get IT done.

No. Hiring an IT manager or technician cost on average $60-$120K per year. Then add benefits like healthcare, dental, 401K, etc. and managed services are much more cost effective.

That’s good. Are they doing what they promised? Are you asking them what to do or are you telling them? You shouldn’t rely on their image of your business or company. We do quarterly performance and business reviews!

Our subject matter experts will set up a call or a visit to review your current IT/telecom situation. Once completed we will schedule a call to review on-line or in person and make recommendations.

Location doesn’t matter – IT Service is not limited by geography. The COVID-19 Pandemic has proven this completely. All we need is a secure connection to trouble shoot or to add updates and patches. Our services packages take this into account. However, for on-site assistance, our locally-served areas include Vermont, New York, New England, and the Orlando area.

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VTC TECH has provided expert IT support since 1999, helping hundreds of businesses. Our mission is to deliver the latest technology consulting, services, maintenance, and support.

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