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For over 20 years, VTC TECH has been a trusted partner for IT services and secure network solutions for municipal clients.

Improve Operations Efficiency, Increase Productivity and Uptime with Affordable Managed IT Services

Choose the right MSP that can help monitor, manage, and maintain your IT environment. This will reduce costs, increase productivity and give you peace of mind .

Why choose VTC TECH as your trusted Managed Service Provider?

With network security services that will help protect critical infrastructure data and ensure only trusted sources are allowed to enter and exit your network.

Cloud services from VTC TECH deliver secure, seamless digital experiences that are easy and flexible for all users, from anywhere on any device.

With flexible, scalable solutions to ensure your network infrastructure is monitored and managed, and your systems are up to date.

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IT Solutions for State & Local Government

Demand for county and municipal services continues to expand while budgets shrink. Legacy systems struggle to support the increase in users, sites, and devices. Fragmented systems, records management, security measures, evidence and chain of custody make it more difficult to manage risk, security, and compliance. We offer solutions to these challenges and 24×7 Help Desk Services in order to monitor cloud, server, and endpoint devices, as well IT Security Services.


Protect your systems against viruses, malware, spyware, a data breach, and protect privacy of users with a trusted partner like VTC TECH.

Cloud Services

Increase productivity with powerful Microsoft cloud solutions. We’ll help you with implementation, migration, and management.

Helpdesk Support

VTC TECH offers 24/7 helpdesk support services. Choose between different levels of customized support for a plan that fits your budget.

Overcome limited iT resources

Schedule a call to learn more about how managed IT services from VTC TECH can benefit your state or local government.

Flexible, Scalable Solutions

Some managed services VTC TECH offers:

  • Design, implementation, and support for your networks
  • Reliable, secure solutions for the public sector
  • Network security services
  • Disaster recovery and back-up solutions
  • Cloud solutions and helpdesk support
  • Industry standard remote solutions
  • Hardware and software support
  • VoIP services and solutions

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VTC TECH has provided expert IT support since 1999, helping hundreds of businesses. Our mission is to deliver the latest technology consulting, services, maintenance, and support.

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