IT Construction Planning Services

Whether you have outgrown your current building, merging, or building new to meet business demands – VTC Tech can identify IT specifications and considerations for all project phases. 

Make Your Business Move Successful with IT Construction Planning Services

With  24+ years of experience, VTC Tech helps businesses successfully implement IT infrastructure when your business is moving to a new location or remodeling .

Why choose VTC Tech for IT Construction Planning Services?

Make sure nothing is missed during the construction phase like devices that need to be connected to the network, proper cabling to ensure current business needs and future growth, an organized IT room, and documentation to manage your systems.

We make sure all jacks are labeled, the IT room is clean, cables are clearly labeled, tested and certified – your IT infrastructure will be simplified, run at maximum capacity, and adjustments can be made as you scale your business.

Plan now, or pay later. Avoid unnecessary expenses by planning early for infrastructure needs. Don’t miss something now or it will cost two to three times as much after construction, it may take up to three weeks to get a contractor back on the job causing delays or downtime which impacts productivity.

Involve an IT Construction Planning Services partner early so IT specifications and considerations are implemented at all phases to meet your business demands now and/or as your business grows.

Make sure your engineers and architects are informed of your IT requirements. Plan for network cabling in office spaces, cubicles, conference rooms and more, map your WiFi placement, and bring IT together.

Early IT Planning Saves Costs and Reduces Frustrations

Being proactive and involving IT planning early in the process can reveal hidden costs, and introduce IT needs into the design so your project can be more informed and less frustrating.
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We Provide a Turnkey IT Environment

We work with you during design to ensure your building has the needed IT infrastructure to support your business for years to come.  Once construction begins, we will work directly with your contractors to ensure all cabling is labeled, tested, and certified.  Then, we deliver a clean and organized IT room that is ready to run your systems.

Planning For the Future

We have extensive experience working with companies who need to adjust on the fly due to changing circumstances or growth (adding new computers, printers, or other devices to the network).  When we design your IT infrastructure we don’t just think about what you need today, we also plan for the future.  On average, it is two to three times more expensive to get your network built out properly if you do not include IT during the construction planning phase.


Keys to Your Kingdom

We also provide you with extensive documentation of your environment, making it easier than ever to manage your system.

Documentation Included:

  • Floor Plans with Network Port Labels
  • Rack Drawings
  • LAN and WAN Diagrams

Work With One of the Top Partners in
IT Construction Planning Services

Be proactive and involve early IT planning in your construction process and eliminate unnecessary costs and stress.


Key Considerations for Early IT Construction Planning

Fully Functional Conference Room

More efficient and engaging meetings. We ensure you have all the connectivity you need to easily have meetings or deliver presentations without running cables across the floor.

Full Wireless Coverage (WiFi)

We have IT covered. We make sure your business has wireless coverage where you need it,
for your employees and your customers, inside and outside
the building.

Planning for

We help you design your building for future growth. Laying the groundwork now (cable drops and conduit runs) during construction will be 1/3rd the cost of doing it later.

Clean & Organized IT Room

No rats nest of cables and stacks of equipment. We will install a turnkey IT room that makes it easy to manage and troubleshoot issues.

Cameras & Access Control

We can connect you with vendors to provide these services and work with them to plan out applicable cabling needs.


No more guessing where wall jacks are connected back to. We can test, certify, and label all jacks and provide a fully detailed floor plan drawing that has everything you need to add, move, or change devices on your network.

Other Devices

Don’t forget about those odd-ball devices that may need a network cable such as sprinkler systems, time clocks, credit card readers, temperature control systems, air quality monitors, refrigerators, and vending machines.

20+ Years

Experience as a leading IT construction planning services


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VTC Tech has provided expert IT support since 1999, helping hundreds of businesses. Our mission is to deliver the latest technology consulting, services, maintenance, and support.

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Learn more about how an experienced partner, like VTC Tech can design your IT infrastructure so that it will scale as you grow. We don’t just think about what you need today, we also plan for the future.

Complete End-to-End IT Support and Services

VTC Tech handles any IT issue to keep your infrastructure running smoothly:

  • Network Support
  • IT Consulting Services
  • Business Continuity Services
  • Email and Spam Protection
  • Cloud  Solutions and Services
  • Cybersecurity Solutions
  • IT Construction Planning Services
  • Disaster recovery
  • Helpdesk & Managed Remote Services
  • VoIP Solutions and more
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