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Few things in this world can strike terror in the heart of a business owner like a disaster resulting in data loss, and with good reason.

It may surprise you that most recovery situations are the result of human error. If just one person accidentally deletes an important database or document, you’ve got a recovery situation on your hands. That’s why it’s critical to have a data backup plan for all disaster scenarios.

Backups Require a Separate Server

Reliable backups require a server that’s physically separated from your production machine. There are a couple ways to handle this.

We can bring in our own hardware and lease it to you as part of a Hardware as a Service (HaaS) agreement, or we can install your own backup appliance. Businesses with multiple locations often house a production server in their main offices and keep a server at another site where backups are stored.

Many companies also like leasing the equipment from us because it eliminates the capital expense of buying and maintaining the hardware. Regardless of who owns the servers, they must be physically separated to protect you from break-ins, flooding, and other unexpected calamities.

How Often Should You Back up Data?

We will schedule backups according to your needs. If your staff processes vast quantities of data on a daily basis, you may want files replicated every hour on your remote server. If the need is less intense, we can schedule backups daily or weekly, whatever makes the most sense.

Cloud Protection from Vermont Connections

We provide an extra layer of protection for companies that need more security than one backup server can provide. Vermont Connections owns a three-tier data center that’s ready to host data for our customers. We simply install an agent on your on-premise server that sends file-level or full-image backups to our cloud for safe and secure storage. This is particularly useful for businesses that have backup locations that are too close to the production server, allowing the opportunity for a flood to wipe out all your data. With cloud-based backups in our private data center, your data will be secure in any disaster scenario.

Having a data backup plan is not only critical for saving your virtual assets, it can also help you avoid costly fines and penalties due to non-compliance to industry regulations.

Let’s talk about keeping your data – and the future of your business – safe from disaster.


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