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Penetration testing, also known as “pen testing,” is like a physical examination by a doctor. You don’t feel sick, but you want an expert to look you over for hidden signs of trouble.

Penetration testing works in much the same way. It’s a vulnerability assessment tool that allows us to crawl through your network, applications and hardware, looking for security weaknesses attackers could exploit.

System configurations – When configurations are set up wrong, it can leave holes in your security. Examples include leaving default passwords and keys unchanged, running services that aren’t needed, and improperly configuring file share permissions, leaving information exposed to unauthorized access. These problems can all be addressed with proper configuration.

Internal security policies – Security weaknesses are often caused by shadow IT, unrestricted user access and other errors employees make. Establishing and enforcing a security policy is a crucial step every company should take. If you don’t have one in place already, we will help you create an internal policy and train employees on how to follow it.

Security issues in hardware and software – Software applications and machines need to be updated constantly to keep threats at bay. This need becomes increasingly problematic for businesses that rarely upgrade their hardware. We can take this burden off your shoulders completely with Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) and cloud-based software services. Whenever your tools needed updating, we handle it for you, making sure security, compliance and employee needs are met.

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Our “Ethical Hackers” Keep The Bad Ones Out

Security tools are useless in the wrong hands. That’s why our technicians are certified and experienced with CompTIA, ISC2 (Squared), ITIL, Cisco, Microsoft and WatchGuard. They will safely hack your systems, bypassing firewalls and other defenses to find weaknesses an attacker could exploit. Then we document any vulnerabilities we find and fix them, enhancing your company security as we go.


Our IT assessment will give you clear insights into vulnerabilities facing your organization and recommendations for improvement. Contact us today.

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