Managed IT Services for Hybrid Employees

Hybrid workers managed it services
The Hybrid worker has unique IT needs that requires the expertise of an experience managed services provider like VTC Tech

The dawn of the Hybrid workforce

A “hybrid” employee is an employee who works in a hybrid work model, meaning a  combination of remote work (at home) and on-site (at the company office) work. Hybrid employees typically split their time between working remotely and working from a physical office or other on-site location.

Having remote employees across the USA is now common for many companies with remote employees working from Boston, Massachusetts to Miami, Florida, across to New Orleans, Louisiana and all the way over to San Francisco, California.

A hybrid workforce allows for greater flexibility and work-life balance for employees, as well as cost savings for employers who can reduce their real estate footprint. However, it also requires careful planning and management of a company’s technology to ensure that the hybrid workforce is productive, engaged, and connected to each other and the business.


There are three ways that managed IT services can help a business with its hybrid workforce:


1. Providing remote access and collaboration tools

With a hybrid workforce, some employees work on-premises, while others work remotely. Managed IT services can help small businesses provide remote access and collaboration tools to ensure that everyone can work together seamlessly, regardless of their location.


Examples of such collaboration tools and technology include cloud-based productivity suites like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, virtual private network (VPN) software for secure remote access, and collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack.


2. Ensuring data security and compliance

With employees working both on-premises and remotely, managing and securing data becomes more challenging for small businesses. Managed IT services for hybrid workers can help by implementing security protocols and monitoring tools to keep sensitive information safe.

VTC Tech can also help ensure that remote workers across the USA are compliant with relevant regulations and standards, such as HIPAA compliance requirements or the CMMC certification for defense contractors.


3. Providing IT support and maintenance

With a hybrid workforce, it can be difficult for businesses to manage and maintain their IT infrastructure effectively. Remote locations can be served with effective remote IT support whereby the IT technician from VTC Tech can resolve a majority of technical issues via phone calls and remote access & management of a users device.

Managed IT services from VTC Tech can provide ongoing remote IT support and maintenance to ensure that everything is running smoothly, from troubleshooting technical issues to performing regular software updates and security patches. This can help reduce downtime and improve productivity for both on-premises and remote employees.

Overall, managed IT services like those offered by VTC Tech can provide companies with hybrid employees the technical expertise and technology resources needed to manage their hybrid workforce and IT infrastructure effectively – all with the goal of keeping the business growing.

Managed IT services for Hybrid employees
Managed IT services for Hybrid employees can help your company adapt to the technology needs of the Hybrid worker.

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