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Access expert IT support when you need it most.

Resolve IT Issues Quickly with IT Help Desk and Remote Strategy Services

From minor problems to major disasters, our helpdesk support and remote strategy services reduce issues across your entire operation.

Why choose VTC TECH for helpdesk support and remote services?

With comprehensive remote helpdesk and strategy services. 

With 24/7 support options available.

With affordable managed services for a fraction of the price of a full-time IT professional.

We answer technical support calls within 30 seconds (average).

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We bring technology and your team together.

Whether you have problems to solve today or are looking to head off IT problems tomorrow, you need the right IT partner – one that can provide the support you need and can grow with you long term. You deserve the freedom to achieve and do more. Features for outsourcing IT Helpdesk and Remote Strategies:

End-to-End IT Support

With our comprehensive IT help desk services, you won’t need to research different vendors for all your technical issues. Get all your technical problems resolved from a single vendor: Hardware and software support, VoIP services Cloud support, Network management, Cybersecurity and more.

24/7/365 Help Desk Support

IT issues can appear any time of day. That’s why VTC TECH offers 24/7 support services to get you back to work no matter when trouble strikes. Rapid resolutions are essential to reducing downtime. Our customer service support reps answer the phone within 30 seconds on average.


Provide your remote team with the tools they need to maintain productivity while working securely. With VTC TECH remote help desk solutions, you get: Remote support, Remote access solutions, Virtual desktop and VPN implementation, IT security for remote staff.


Choose between different levels of customized support, so you only pay for the services your business needs. Packages start at a fraction of the cost of a full-time IT professional for information technology assistance that fits any budget.


When you outsource IT help desk services to VTC TECH, you get access to our team of experienced field technicians. Our field technicians can be on-site to locally-served zip-code quickly and efficiently to handle even the largest IT problems.


We understand that circumstances change, which is why we offer an opt-out clause for all of our clients. If you’re not happy with our service, simply cancel your contract and move on. We do this so you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you’re not trapped in a long term contract.

Outsource Your IT Helpdesk and Remote Strategy to the Pros at VTC TECH

Our team of dedicated experts resolves IT issues quickly to maximize uptime.

Tips To Keep Remote Workers and Your Business Safe

Did you know that 43% of security breaches happen to small businesses? Here are four of our solutions you may want include in your Remote IT Strategy. Keep your business and remote workers secure.

Password Management

Choose the right password management tool and set it up correctly. Your remote workers will be protected and can have access anytime from anywhere. Simple, efficient and secure.

Multi-factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of protection to your business with multi-factor authentication. This ensures passwords and data on your network, email, banking websites, social media and more are safe.

Cybersecurity Protection

Include a comprehensive cyber security plan in your Remote IT Strategy to make sure you are protected from malware attacks, hacking attempts. Protect now or pay later if your security is breached.

Advanced Security

Step 1: Train employees to recognize suspicious activity; such as hacked email, phishing scams and ransomware.
Step 2: Select a reliable email security tool with encryption, filters, and AI

20+ Years

Experience as a leading IT provider

90 Days

See results in as little as three months

30 Seconds

Average time to answer the phone for support calls

VTC TECH has provided expert IT support since 1999, helping hundreds of businesses. Our mission is to deliver the latest technology consulting, services, maintenance, and support.

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Vermont-Based IT Support

Outsource your IT help desk or remote strategy to VTC TECH and get a team of experts to help you with your problems.

Our offices located across the East Coast. We can have on-site technicians to any locally-served zip code quickly and efficiently to resolve your IT problems and get your team back to work quickly.

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