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Cloud services are so prevalent in our daily lives they are almost invisible – and millions of business owners haven’t even begun to discover the benefits of using them.

Migrating your business applications and processes to the cloud can enhance performance in several ways. It simplifies your IT infrastructure, while reducing costs and improving team performance across the company.

What is Cloud Computing?

A cloud is a server where users can access software and store files through a network connection. In most cloud setups, the server is located off-site and users connect through the Internet; examples include Office 365, Facebook and any other software program you access through a web browser.

We can also create an on-premise solution where the physical server is in your business center, although the responsibility or ongoing maintenance will rest with your internal IT team or with an outsourced cloud services provider like us.

Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

There are numerous advantages of moving applications and processes to the cloud, and businesses are gaining a competitive edge because of them.

Scalability – Many businesses need increased bandwidth during hours of peak usage. The cloud allows you to supplement system resources when you need them most, and scale back when demand drops.

Auto Software Updates – Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software licensing model that allows companies to buy access through subscriptions. Instead of installing programs on individual machines, IT enables licensed users to log in through a web browser. This approach is much more efficient since patch fixes and other software updates are administered automatically through the cloud.


Data Backups and Recovery – Disaster recovery is critical in business today, but the upfront investment of installing a local solution is too much for many businesses. The cloud solves this problem by offering backup solutions on a secure server.

Remote Access – Cloud computing gives you the freedom and flexibility of working from any location on any device. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can work just as efficiently on the other side of the world as you can sitting in your office.

Reduced Capital Expenses – Accessing software from the web takes a tremendous strain off your internal hardware. By using the subscription model, capital expenses will decrease as workplace efficiency increases.

Improved Collaboration and Workflows – Cloud-based services like Office 365 have evolved beyond simple Microsoft programs like Word and Excel into something much bigger. Platforms like SharePoint can transform your company with virtual workspaces, internal social networks and other employee collaboration apps.

5 Considerations to make before you migrate to the cloud


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