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How can we maximize efficiency with the personnel we have? When do we have no choice but to hire more IT help? These are questions business owners are confronted with again and again.

You may have an excellent IT department, but eventually your end-users will overwhelm them. This puts business owners in a tough spot. On one hand, you can’t just hire more people whenever the staff is stressed; at the same time you don’t want your technicians to burn out and quit. We all can attest to how hard it is to find good professional help these days.

Co-Managed IT is the answer you are looking for. Instead of managing your entire infrastructure, our Co-Managed IT services supplement your internal IT department, catching the overflow work while also giving you insight into how to better manage the team.

The Benefits of Co-Managed IT

Co-Managed IT gives you the best of all possible worlds. It allows your IT to manage tickets quickly and efficiently without the expense of hiring new bodies; our analytics also measure the time your staff spends on each task, so you can more accurately measure performance and evaluate support requests; and most importantly, Co-Managed IT gives you more uptime, resulting in a happier, more productive workplace.

How It Works

Integrating this service into your infrastructure is easy. Using StreamlineIT from ConnectWise, we link our service desk with yours, allowing us to work together as one unit.

Your organization has complete control over where new tickets go. Employees can submit them to us, and we will escalate the work with your internal IT, or people can go to your internal team for help, and they can pass along the tickets to our specialists. In every situation, we take care of your company as one team.

With Co-Managed IT you maintain complete control over your help desk, while getting external support when it matters most.

Manage Your IT Team Better

Our system offers internal auditing tools that document the tasks IT is working on and how long it takes to resolve trouble tickets. This is important because most CEOs do not always have a good understanding of how to measure performance in IT. Our reporting tools will help you see how well IT is supporting your end-users and identify areas that need improvement.

Co-Managed IT is the perfect hybrid solution to your internal IT needs.


Our IT assessment will give you clear insights into vulnerabilities facing your organization and recommendations for improvement. Contact us today.

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