Pull The Plug On Your Unreliable Office Phone System.

Of all the technology crowding into our lives at work, office phone systems are still the most critical, and problematic, piece of the puzzle.

Business owners are frustrated by phone systems that exceed capacity too quickly, lack user-friendly features, and don’t support the offices of today. These problems not only frustrate your staff – they impact the bottom line.

Vermont Connections offers advanced telecommunication support using technology that will fix these problems. Using the best tools available today, our technicians will put an end to your communication headaches for good.

Reduced Costs With VoIP

Phone lines and older systems can be complicated and expensive. We will review your current expenses and help you so you are only paying for what you are using and using what you need to be successful.

Our team will connect your phone system directly to your broadband network, allowing your calls to pass through as data rather than rack up minutes on a phone bill. We can also install the system on cell phones, making sure employees are reachable at their work number, even while out of the office. VoIP also includes enhanced security services like encryption, giving you peace of mind that your calls will remain private and in compliance.

Business Phone Support

Phone systems are computers and they need to be maintained. With our Managed Phone systems, you never have to worry about outdated phone servers (PBX’s mounted in your office) or technical support. Whenever something needs updating, we take care of it for you, keeping your system free of interruptions so you can focus on work.

How Does This Phone Work??

Have you ever spent a half-hour or longer trying to figure out how to record your out-of-office message? That’s no way to start a vacation.

Our team will provide complete training on your phone system, showing your staff how to access voicemail, forward calls, record greetings and other important features they rely on. Regardless of how tech savvy your team is, our simple “How-to’s” will help guide your team. Technology should make your life easier, not harder.


Our IT assessment will give you clear insights into vulnerabilities facing your organization and recommendations for improvement. Contact us today.

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