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Let’s run through a quick exercise on your website together. Are you ready?

Imagine you are a consumer who needs what your business sells. You have only one thing on your mind: getting information about that product or service from a trusted source. Now, pull up your business website on a browser and look at it with fresh eyes.

Website Design Process

We believe the content of your website is just as important as the design. That’s why we take a top-down approach when it comes to website development.

Establishing Goals – We start every project with a thorough review of your goals. This initial meeting will establish what experience you want customers to have and what actions you want them to take on the site.

Defining The Audience – We need to know your customer profile inside and out, so we can make sure the content of the website communicates effectively with them.

Keyword Research & Information Architecture – Building a website is like building a house. You need a solid foundation and a strong framework to support all the great things inside. This stage includes researching keywords that will help your website get indexed by search engines. It does not guarantee top placement on Google search results pages or any others, but putting the right keywords in the right places always helps.  Next, we map the architecture of the website, establishing the hierarchy of the content and creating an intuitive navigation scheme for the users.

Content Creation – Vermont Connections offers professional website copywriting for a few important reasons. First, we need to ensure your target keywords are used effectively on the pages, and second, our writers are experts at orienting the writing at a specific audience. If your website does not communicate effectively with your target customer, it will never help you reach your goals.

Website Design & Development –With the other pieces in place, we start filling in the site with a design that enhances the content and directs people through the buyer’s journey.

Hosting – Vermont Connections offers managed hosting services that keeps your website content and database backed up. Hackers often attack open source platforms like WordPress. If this happens to your website, we can restore it quickly and efficiently.

There are a dizzying number of companies out there that will build a cheap website, and the end result will likely cost you more down the road. Our team will build you a reliable, customer-focused website and manage it with the same care we put into your IT needs.


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