Vermont Businesses Can Save Money with Co-Managed IT

Businesses have big technical needs, even in a small state like ours.

No matter what IT support you have in-house, your tech needs will change – guaranteed – and finding skilled help is not always easy when things start moving in a new direction. Even a full-time IT department often struggles to maintain an evolving infrastructure while keeping up with day to day tasks. But business owners can’t just hire new IT personnel whenever the need arises.

Co-Managed IT solves this problem by bringing in a highly skilled team to collaborate with your IT department as needed. When your team gets in over their heads on a project, a co-management partner can provide experts to carry it to completion; or we can lighten the workload when helpdesk tickets start piling up around your staff.

Benefits of Co-Managed IT

Co-Managed IT is a service that lets you to outsource IT overflow to an external team whenever you need it. This arrangement offers benefits to organizations of all sizes.

Increases Productivity

Think of co-management as an extension of your internal IT department. When helpdesk tickets are taking too much time, leaving other critical needs unfulfilled, a co-management team picks up the slack, allowing your staff to stay focused on projects that boost the bottom line.

A co-management partner can also help you with bigger tasks. When your business is facing major infrastructure changes, like a cloud migration, co-managed IT can help you with plan and execute the project. They also offer advanced, specialized support for critical duties like network management, security and server-based tasks.

Improves Security

Security standards change constantly, putting new regulatory burdens on enterprises. Keeping up with new ways of detecting and preventing threats is a battle that never ends, but co-management can take some of that weight off your shoulders. A partner that specializes in IT support will be familiar with the latest and greatest strategies to keep your data safe. They can be a valuable resource when it comes to protecting your assets.

Reduces Expenses

As a fixed monthly expense, co-management makes IT costs more predictable. It also helps companies achieve balance as they grow. Instead of having to hire new people when organizational needs outpace your resources, IT can pass work to the co-management team, giving you breathing room while you assess long term human resource needs.

Measures Efficiency

Not only does co-managed IT keep expenses down, it can also help you evaluate the efficiency of the technicians you already have on staff. We use StreamlineIT from ConnectWise to support our customers, which includes an app that measures internal IT performance. It documents helpdesk tickets and monitors the process from start to completion, giving you insight into how efficient the process is.

Outsourcing IT services can help businesses of any size, and co-management services are particularly useful for small to mid-size companies, the ones trying to keep costs in check while managing growth. In areas like Vermont, where skilled talent is often scarce, co-management is a great way prop up your existing team and keep things moving in a positive direction.

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