What are the Different Tiers of IT Support

We’ve all been there – slow internet speeds, malfunctioning hardware, software that’s out of date or has a lapsed license, having our emails inundated with phishing scams.

The list of potential IT obstacles is long and grows longer every day. 

But the good news is that IT support can help your business through all these issues. But in order to get the appropriate level of assistance, you need to understand IT support tiers, also known as IT helpdesk support tiers. 

So what are the tiers of IT support?

Essentially, the tiers are a technical support model that helps businesses and IT support providers classify how severe an IT issue is and the level of tech support needed to resolve it.

By having a clearly defined tiered system for technical problems, this helps managed service providers (MSPs) deploy the appropriate technical support team.

From a customer service perspective, it also helps you understand the support structure of the MSP you’re working with, as well as more clearly define the IT issues your business is facing. 

Now that we have a basic understanding of what tiers are, let’s look more specifically at the individual tiers so we can better answer the question what do “tiers” mean in IT support?’

What Are the Tiers of IT Support and How Do They Impact My Business?

The industry-standard arrangement of IT technical support tiers is usually on a simple, scaled number system: Tier 0, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4. Not every company organizes its tiers of IT support in the same way, but generally, the higher the number, the higher the knowledge base of the support group/support personnel

The majority of MSPs will have at least 3 tiers of IT support. The most common support tickets are in the Tier 2 range, but of course, that is also largely influenced by the industry and how tech-centric a particular business is. 

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What Is the Difference Between Different IT Support Tiers

Much in the same way that you wouldn’t go to a podiatrist to handle heart surgery, the tiered service model helps ensure that you’re getting the appropriate level of support to address the particular IT issues your business is facing. 

Each MSP offers a different package of products and services, and may also have minor or major alterations to the common tiered system. But, generally speaking, let’s explain the support tiers of IT:

  • Tier 1: This is your first line of support. This level of customer support is usually meant to solve basic IT issues like a password reset. 
  • Tier 2: If an IT obstacle proves to be too much for Tier 1 support, it’s escalated to Tier 2. These are IT technicians who can help with more complex problems like software repair and troubleshooting. 
  • Tier 3: The top tier. Tier 3 support is reserved for the most complicated of IT issues. These are the highest-level engineers at an MSP. 
  • Tier 4: Most commonly refers to the need to bring in outside support in order to resolve your IT issue.

If you want to simplify the different tiers of IT support, the main responsibilities are:

TierSkill LevelResponsibilities
1LowResolve routine, simple IT issues
2MediumResolve issues that are beyond the expertise of Tier 1
3HighMajor IT issues, as well as designing and developing long-term plans/fixes for recurring IT disruptions
4VariesExternal support

What Is the Difference Between Different IT Support Tiers

IT support by tiers are a way to streamline the service delivery process of an MSP.

In other words, these IT tiers of support are simply there to make things clear to both you as the business owner as well as the MSP themselves. 

A proven tier methodology also expedites the resolution process, ensuring your business is less at risk of financially punishing downtime.

What Is the Difference Between Different IT Support Tiers

What are the Different Tiers of IT Support or similar

If your business is facing IT disruptions that are both costly and time consuming, then you need to consider partnering with a proven MSP that has developed and tested IT support level tiers.

This will ensure that you always get the appropriate level of service to address your business’s unique needs. What’s more, the tiers of IT user support demonstrate that the MSP has what it takes to handle all your IT issues, both major and minor. 

Our managed IT services company have expert service desks and line support so you can rest assured that no matter what variety of IT obstacles your business is facing, we have the expertise and resources to solve it, and solve it fast. 

Our proven model of support tiers for IT have a demonstrated track record of success:

  • Average of 30 seconds to answer support calls
  • Reduction of IT issues within the first 90 days
  • Expedited kickoff process 
  • 24/7/365 monitoring and support
  • Over 20 years of experience in the IT industry 
  • A full staff of IT experts

With VTC TECH as your business’s IT partner, you’ll see a substantial reduction in IT issues all for a price that fits your budget. Contact us today for a free quote.

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