Why Location Doesn’t Matter for Managed IT Services

Gone are the days when a company was totally reliant on a local IT service or a designated employee to provide “boots on the ground” to help them manage computer systems.

Today, remote solutions are available for just about every business need, including IT solutions. While some businesses may still prefer an onsite IT support presence, it’s increasingly an expensive and unnecessary solution.

About 10 years back, our social paradigm shifted from purchasing only what we could touch and see toward acquiring goods and services from anywhere and everywhere—even ones we can’t see, such as the cloud.

Business owners a decade ago were dependent on local providers to manage IT issues and replace dated technology and equipment. Today, a more concierge approach to IT services has become the norm, finding solutions that dovetail with a company’s unique culture and goals. IT management is no longer a one-size-fits-all enterprise and can be provided from anywhere with an internet connection.

Remote Solutions for Building IT Infrastructure in Today’s Business Climate

Anyone who has ever participated in a conference call or screen sharing through the internet knows the value of maximizing these types of communication solutions in a business environment. In a matter of moments, employees can be connected to associates all over the country, creating a logistical dreamscape that could not have been envisioned just a generation ago. Now that geographical barriers are removed via technological solutions, costs are better controlled and communication is more efficient.

Similarly, managed service providers (MSP) have become partners with clients. Using remote capabilities, modern MSPs assist clients with routine IT needs and services. They also help clients grow or scale their operations. In the past, a “tech guy” put out fires when hardware or systems failed, but these specialists were often limited to their role of repair person. With remote IT support services, an entire staff of specialists can attend to not only tech failures when they emerge, but they can also provide a full spectrum of IT services that are intrinsic to strategically building the business.

In this way, the comprehensive services provided by a remote MSP become more akin to a valued partnership versus emergency repair services. Instead of keeping someone on staff for the routine maintenance that can be accomplished remotely these days at a reduced cost, or in case the system goes down someday, the remote provider offers a team of experts that can be accessed when needs emerge using modern technologies. Using the proper remote tools and screen sharing capabilities, nearly all problems with Microsoft Office, email, or Windows, for example, can be managed from afar. This translates to one less person on the payroll, resulting in reduced taxes, benefits, and liability exposure.

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Common Misconceptions Around Remote IT Services

With a paradigm shift comes uncertainty about how to adapt to new business protocols. In uncharted territory, misconceptions or suspicions about the new methods that are replacing the old, familiar ones are common. Shifting away from having an onsite or local IT service provider may stoke some anxiety initially. Some of the common misconceptions about using a remote service include:

  1. The entire system goes down and there is no one local to help. A remote provider can have local hands-on support within dispatch range should a failure occur that cannot be remedied remotely. The manufacturer’s or vendor’s technicians can provide local assistance in most scenarios, with the remote provider managing the repair ticket from beginning to resolution.
  2. Remote IT services will cost more. This can be refuted by a long-term upgrade to warranties that are purchased with the equipment. These ensure same-day onsite support for a three to five-year period with a small, additional cost up front.
  3. Our company will feel ignored or abandoned. A quality remote IT services provider will engage and partner with the staff through phone calls, emails, audio/video calls, use of the web portal, and screen sharing. This allows companies to feel as if the provider is right there in the building.

Strategic Benefits of Remote IT Partnerships

A strategic relationship with a remote IT services provider is not only cost efficient but will also yield fruit for years to come. Planning for a company’s growth has to involve technological framework planning. When a car is designed from the ground up, the engine capacity must be copacetic with the body size and projected weight in order to meet the desired performance goals. Likewise, a company’s IT systems must be in harmony with and promote the projected growth goals of that company.

One facet of today’s business health is employee education and training. Remote IT service providers can coordinate in-house training sessions for employees. Through web-based self-guided training sessions, employees can remain informed of potential security risks. Too many computer issues originate with malicious emails or unfettered web browsing, so these online training modules will help educate the staff on safe internet and email practices.

When considering updating your current IT services, businesses of all sizes can benefit from the integrated services a remote service provider offers. These next level solutions maintain IT systems, ensure equipment is updated on schedule, and provides a partner with whom the business can create a plan for future growth, increased productivity, and more efficient cost management.

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