Why use Managed IT Services for your business?

Why use Managed IT services?
Growing businesses have a choice to make when their IT tech needs become overwhelming and start taking their focus off their core business. Find out why and when you should use managed IT services for your business.


Managed IT Services: How they Beat the Break-Fix Model for Businesses

Why choose Managed IT Services for your business? Great question. The majority of businesses today rely on a well-functioning, smoothly operating IT network infrastructure. When things go sideways, business capabilities can grind to a halt. Certainly, it is more important than ever to ensure a well-supported technology infrastructure in your business. 

There are two main models of IT support: the break-fix model and the managed IT services provider. In this article, we will discuss both models and address why the popularity of managed IT services is soaring.


The Break-Fix Model vs. Managed IT Support

The break fix model, also called fee-for service, is a pay-as-you-need plan. When everything is operating smoothly, there is no money spent. When your network malfunctions, the impact is substantial.  First, you will have to locate an IT contractor who is ready, willing, and able to visit your site to address the issue. Certainly, lag time in getting a service call can have significant implications for your business’ day-to-day functioning. Second, considering businesses that schedule, sell products, or provide services, any computer downtime can disrupt day-to-day operations. 

The break fix model is like walking into an ER. You are likely to get the care you need, but your wait times might be long, and your costs are high. Additionally, service providers in the break-fix model have no incentive to prevent recurring problems. While they may provide an adequate fix to your current issue, they are not likely to dig deep into your system to prevent future problems. In fact, the more issues that pop up for you over time, the more money they stand to make. 

Managed IT services on the other hand, are more preventative, proactive, and reliable. For instance, at VTC Tech we offer a 24/7 help desk for clients and work closely to prevent problems from happening in the first place. This is our ultimate goal: smooth, seamless, continuity of service for you. 

Managed IT support plans are contract-based with a fixed monthly price to make budgeting easier. The remote IT experts at VTC Tech are available to you immediately, within 30 seconds,  to troubleshoot and solve issues fast. Because we proactively monitor your system, any necessary interventions tend to be effective and swift. Think about this: when a problem arises within your IT network, the managed service provider does not charge you anything more than the monthly fee you pay. Ultimately, we are the ones who will incur the extra expense, so we have every motivation to keep you up and running smoothly, eliminating problems quickly. As your managed IT service provider, VTC Tech wants your business IT functioning well, 100% of the time – which exactly mirrors what you need as a business owner.


Here are just some of the areas VTC Tech provides Managed IT Services:
Atlanta, Georgia and surrounding areas
Tampa, Florida and Miami, Florida – among other major cities in Florida.
– the entire state of Alabama, USA


Top Benefits of Managed IT Support 

  • Streamlines Backups and Disaster Recovery 

A managed IT service provider like VTC Tech can assess your system’s vulnerabilities and design a custom strategy to reduce any downtime in the face of unexpected malfunction or disaster. You will have access to our experts who can backup and restore your information so that your business does not lose integral information. If you wait to deal with a break-fix provider, it might be too late, if the necessary safeguards are not already in place. 

Our top-rated managed service plan providers can schedule regular necessary local or cloud backups, and also monitor that your backups are working properly. Knowing that your information is secure and accessible for the long-term, should put your mind at ease.


  • Bolsters Cybersecurity 

Because small businesses are frequent targets in cybersecurity breaches, it is important to work with an IT service provider like VTC Tech who has your best interests in mind. Rather than waiting for a cyberattack to occur and billing for the fix,  we bolster protections and monitor for ongoing threats to stop them before they occur. This helps to keep your data safe and your system operating smoothly.  

The experts at VTC Tech can help you avoid email phishing attacks and explore if your information is showing up anywhere on the dark web. Indeed, a robust cybersecurity plan goes a long way towards keeping your data protected and your operations smooth.


  • Helps Business Continuity Planning

While some very small businesses with low IT reliance might not want to pay a monthly fee to a managed plan, in many cases knowing the monthly cost on an ongoing basis is extremely helpful for business planning and budgeting. Most of the time, there are flexible terms and opt-out clauses in contracts so you can move forward with peace of mind knowing what to expect from your managed service provider on a regular basis. 

Some small businesses are reluctant to hand over a portion of their IT services to an outside service provider. This works, until it doesn’t. If your network or infrastructure  goes down, and your business relies on IT in any way, shape, or form, you are leaving the door open to interruptions and customer dissatisfaction. Sometimes handing over control of a service is the best way to stay in control of the entire business. By knowing you can rely on continual, high-level VTC Tech support, you can plan your business activities with more confidence and reach your goals faster.


Trusted  IT Support for Businesses 

There are no two ways about it: managed IT services from VTC Tech align with your goals as a business owner. By developing a trusted IT support relationship with us, you will build your business team. You will have more professionals in your corner, more resources at your fingertips, and will be able to reach your business goals faster. Additionally, when we recommend an upgrade or update, you can be confident that it will be installed quickly and correctly. We select options that make your system better, and more tightly protected. It’s a relationship you can count on to achieve your business goals more easily. 

VTC Tech –  Business Computer Support You Can Count On

VTC Tech is a highly rated technology service provider with decades of comprehensive experience helping businesses stay connected. If you would like to find out how we securely monitor and maintain devices, servers, and networks, contact us today for a quick introductory call.  Just like you, we want your technology in prime operating condition, whenever and wherever you need it. The experts at VTC Tech are ready to help. 

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